7 Digital Transformation Trends for Telecoms

It’s hard to believe, but the first half of 2019 is in the books.  We saw all the predictions from the telecom thought leaders and industry experts starting in Q4 2018 and continuing through the first half of the year as the early roll-out…

SDN and NFV to play key roles in bandwidth-hungry future

The growth in new networks and devices will demand smart services, and both SDN and NFV will prove increasingly important.

How to maximize the potential of current networks

NFV solutions can build off of existing network potential for an easier migration. 

3 Reasons to Find the Right SDN partner

Working with a partner grants businesses several advantages for future network plans.

SDN Brings Freedom From Provisioned Networks

The change in provisioning is part of what makes SDN so important for service providers and enterprises alike.

Northbound SDN/NFV: Smarter Transformation

This article was original published in the APAC CIO Outlook Magazine - December 2015 with a focus on Northbound and Soundbound technologies for SDN & NFV Solutions. Manjeet Dhariwal is the Co-founder and CIO of a Global IT Services company…

SDN for Revenue Enablement & Market Share Opportunities

This article was original published on, from guest author, John Chapman, EVP of CloudSmartz. Challenges & 360˚ Solutions for SDN & NFV As service providers look to upgrade their legacy networks and systems and tap new…

NFV:  Where is the Light at the end of the Tunnel?

The Network Function Virtualization and Software-defined Networking market is thriving -- proofs-of-concept (PoCs) are moving into the commercialized phase this year which are driving a significant increase in the adoption of SDN/NFV-related…

You’re hot on SDN/NFV – But are you ready to jump in?

The good news is that folks are talking about (even some folks are executing PoCs) SDN/NFV in terms of understanding the technology. The fall season is also loaded with educational and technology conferences and webinars that are addressing…

Taking the SDN / NFV Revolution Northbound

Every organization seems to have different views for defining SDN and NFV.  So first, I think it’s important to clarify what CloudSmartz means when we use the terms SDN and NFV. Below is how we describe SDN/NFV and the various benefits that…