Revenue Acceleration through Marketplace Transformation

Multi-tenant Portal

Omnichannel Platform. Service Performance. Enhanced Customer Care. Analytics IQ Engine.

Digital Marketplace

Product Ordering.  Service Management. Zero-Touch Provisioning.

CPQ & Product Catalogue

Increased Pricing Accuracy, Automation, & Velocity Accelerating Revenue Realization.

Unified Service Orchestration

Multi-domain Service Activation. Mgmt. & Monetization. Vendor Neutral Ecosystem.

Optimized OSS/BSS

Enhanced Automated Operational & Business Processes. Easily Introduce Differentiated Services.

API-Driven Foundation

Strong and Seamless Automated Transactions between Multiple Networks.


The platform enables core foundational modules, each with its own configurable set of features that offer time, cost, & labor efficiencies.

Accelerate revenue and eliminate redundancies and swivel chair tasks by having all your products, services, and accounts accessible through a single source of truth.

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Service Providers Customers Served
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Software/Telecom Specialized Teams
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What can CloudSmartz do for you?

CloudSmartz is a uniquely qualified partner, providing the blueprint, the software platform, and the DevOps teams to fast-track your digital transformation and modernization initiatives.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Accelerate Digital Transformation

CloudSmartz helps transform by leveraging its customer-centric, digital-first Acumen360 platform to enable zero-touch automation across existing and new systems and applications.

Improve the Digital Customer Experience

Improve the Digital Customer Experience

The Acumen360 Digital Marketplace Platform provides a customer self-service portal where enterprises can click to consume, manage and view services with real-time configure-price-quote, zero-touch provisioning & activation, and transparent billing management.

Expand Network

Expand Network Agility

Acumen360 connects to over 400 access providers and the world’s largest cloud suppliers. It harnesses existing network infrastructure to simplify service management and create new service offerings, making them available for one-click purchase, all while providing automation for SDN and SD-WAN use cases.

Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency

Achieve Greater Operational Efficiency

Acumen360 includes integration with over 100 B/OSS, CPQ, CRM, ERP, network management, ticketing and other systems, using standards-based APIs out of the box.

Gain Better Business

Gain Better Business Insights

Acumen360 includes off-the-shelf, relevant user portals with pertinent data and drill downs for enterprise customers, employee operations, partners, and sales agents.

Increase Service

Increase Service Revenues

By providing a seamless and automated digital customer experience, service providers can quickly configure new services, make them available for click-to-consume, and improve customer satisfaction by providing better control, self-service, visibility, and service management.

Contact us to learn more about how Acumen360 can digitize operations and provide an award-winning digital customer experience and marktplace solution for the Enterprise & SMB end-customers