Frequently Asked Questions

CloudSmartz solves for a variety of digital transformation needs, many of which can be complex. Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

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We typically work with tier 2 and tier 3 communications service providers, but we also support Tier 1’s and MSPs.

We usually work with teams at the executive level, product teams, customer experience teams, and any stakeholder that is looking to build out efficiencies and optimization in the OSS/BSS ecosystem. Our customers want to digitize operations and enable new revenue streams, both digital and complementary to existing services.

CloudSmartz is a unique strategic partner – specifically delivering solutions to the communications service provider industry.

We are independent, smaller, and more flexible – with more attainable pricing models and build long term partnerships with our customers. We create value from Day-1 – assisting in board-level strategies that focus on digitizing operations, generating new revenue streams, enabling end-to-end automation, and ultimately delivering on the customer experience the end-user demands.

Our Acumen360 platform is composable-by-design – enabling a foundation for the CSP to build upon. These building blocks, along with existing infrastructure and systems, support a true end-to-end API-led solution that meets the needs for modernization and digitization.

The Acumen360 solution enables Service Providers to support common use cases within the business as well as the verticals – the end-users – that engage with their services.

Business use cases include:

CSPs with customer experience issues and revenue challenges (they want to decrease OPEX and Increase revenue)
CSPs with a self-service Marketplace in mind for their end-customer
CSPs that don’t want to be in a vendor-lock in position
CSPs that want to optimize existing infrastructure with minimal disruption
CSPs looking to have a frictionless quoting and buying processes with their carrier customers
Ultimately, we support the vertical industries that are demanding digitization of services and 360-degree visibility and accessibility of the customer journey.

With Acumen360, the value impact starts on day-1. Once we go live in 3-6 months, immediate return on investment starts with the end-user on both the business and enterprise having everything they need in a single pane of glass.

Customer care teams see upwards of 40% immediate cost savings with self-service activities.Sales and product teams now have a path for real-time quoting and execution, with up to 50% increase in quote-to-cash.
Customers benefit by having real-time visibility to order, provisioning, and ticketing status and reports.
CSPs ultimately focused on revenue growth will see ROI benefits from product bundling, self-service channel, and quicker product development (go-to-market).

We have primarily focused on serving Communications Service Providers – whose end-users include Enterprise and SMB organizations within the various vertical industries they deliver services to.

More and more, we are seeing a similar need in digital transformation journeys with energy and utilities companies – where Acumen360 can ultimately support digital services and an IOT/API Marketplace just like we do for CSPs.

Our customer programs can be up and running in as little as 3 or 4 months.

Due to the nature of what we offer, that could be the one and only phase, or simply phase 1 of a longer multi-phase program specific to your unique roadmap. Our program is built around delivering value rapidly – and continuously throughout the innovation lifecycle.

Acumen360 is a Cloud native system that can be deployed on premise, cloud-based, or as a SaaS solution.

Our composable platform is the foundation and building blocks for each CSP customer to go-to-market with their own branded Software-as-a-Service Platform to engage with their end-users: the enterprise, SMB, and consumer.

We provide a composable solution to our customers – meaning, we are open and agnostic to each customer’s individual technology and infrastructure stack.

We have over 100 API adapters available to the most used (and not so used) operational and business support systems – including 3rd-party vendors and data sources.

With an API-led platform, our customers have ultimate flexibility – for example, if our customers want to switch out their CRM or Ticketing system, they can do so with minimal disruption to the business and the end-users.

CloudSmartz solutions are loosely coupled and highly coherent, supporting both non-standard REST APIs and standard Rest APIs, such as TMF and MEF. While standards can sometimes stifle innovation, there is certainly a time and place for them – and as Tier 1 providers adopt them due to Enterprise demand, they set the stage for Tier 2 and 3 providers to follow suit.

The end goal is simplicity, faster onboarding, and ultimately an opportunity for intercarrier network and service exchange. But while those standards will take time to become the norm, CloudSmartz supports most OSS/BSS integrations with REST APIs and pre-built adapters.
This allows CloudSmartz to offer a truly agnostic solution to our customers – while still supporting TMF and MEF Standards with containerized APIs when required.

Yes, Acumen360 supports buy side and sell side APIs through its CPQ and Marketplace – setting the stage for intercarrier exchange.

This is enabled through our Acumen Middleware – our “software glue” – that translates between operating system, databases, applications, and the network.

Acumen360 has deep analytics and an A.I. Engine that allows end-users to analyze and report across internal and external data sources in real time.

This allows them to visualize descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive actionable insights.

Our software platform has a base cost for configuration of out-of-the-box features.We provide professional services for consulting, integration and customization through composability, which includes business process and workflow automation.

Our license and support models can be volume-based, consumption-based, transaction-based, or commitment-based. Our flexible pricing options support the unique needs and sizing of each customer, and we also have special financing available.

CloudSmartz has a proven track record in developing software solutions using agile methodologies with 2-week sprints, focused on monthly and quarterly milestones.

CloudSmartz utilizes continuous delivery and integration using a variety of DevOps tools and concepts.

CloudSmartz offers strategic consulting as a service alongside every solution that we provide. We are a strategic partner with our customers, helping them accelerate execution of their initiatives and ultimately support the bottom line.

Before we get started, we work with stakeholders to understand the organization’s current landscape, digital transformation roadmap, and future-state application architecture.

We focus on ensuring that our clients are educated and positioned to take advantage of leading-edge practices and strategies to keep pace with business changes, quickly deliver innovation, and gain competitive advantages.
From there, we provide a detailed strategy for how the Acumen360 platform solution enables a composable architecture for fast changes and minimal disruption to the end-users.
We believe that creating a successful digital transformation and modernization strategy is truly the foundation of success and should never be overlooked or underestimated.

We offer training, support, and managed services as part of all our programs.

This includes software licenses, 24×7 NOC Support Proactive Monitoring, Security Patches/Upgrades, and API Management. These are served by the Master Service Agreement & Statement of work. For Training, while we build intuitive solutions, our approach is to “train the trainer” and provide documentation and guides to assist you in self-management as you see fit.

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