Digital Customer Experience Solution

CloudSmartz Acumen360™

Built for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) of all sizes, the end-to-end omnichannel platform provides a portal interface experience for enterprise customers, operations teams & partners.

Acumen360 Digital Customer Experience Platform for CSPs

The CloudSmartz Acumen360™ Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Platform solution provides a full-service customer experience portal that provides a multi-dimensional view into on-demand services as well as traditional products – including hooks into all legacy systems for provisioning, ticketing, communications, and more to provide for a single-source-of-truth regarding customer services and experience.

Acumen360 FEATURES

Single-pane-of-glass portal with a single-source-of-truth

The platform brings together disparate systems and automated workflows to enable employees to spend less time managing processes and more time focusing on your core business – and customers enabled with zero-touch actions.

A proven and practical framework for helping Service Providers productize and monetize SDN/NFV capabilities to develop and launch new products.

Permission-based controls and customer self-service activation provides enterprises real-time provisioning, billing, management and integrated automation across service offerings.

Abstraction of OSS/BSS Services  provides a modular, fungible, REST API-driven and integration-ready platform.

Rapidly deploying new on demand services is feasible with focus, commitment, and a specific development methodology.

CloudSmartz has experience with a multitude of telecom system integrations via Enterprise Service Bus translation. This includes standardized REST APIs (TMF, MEF, ETSI) and creation of non-standardized APIs when required or preferred.

In addition to a single portal to manage your customers needs, machine learning and artificial intelligence helps to enable self-help features. But when that human intervention is needed, your help-desk team can click on their dashboard to enable “impersonate” to quickly assist during help tickets – decreasing resolution time. 

Acumen360 provides out of the box roles and any additional custom roles can be configured easily as needed.  We offer a single sign on (SSO) API that integrates with Ping Identity, Active Directory, CAS, LDAP, NTL, Novell Identity Manager, Open SSO and more.

We have a detailed process for secure solution implementation from design to deployment (D2D), ensuring the solution not only delivers the functional capabilities but also the secured as per formal industry standard security frameworks like OWASP.  Security features include Two-Factor authentication (2FA), Government grade encryption such as DES, MD5, SHA and RSA, Pluggable authentication,  Email verification, Granular permissioning, LDAP authentication, Session management

Acumen360 Advantages

Provides the building blocks to enable digital services

Communications service providers must cope with increasingly demanding customer bases, legacy siloed processes and systems, and IT budgets that may not fit business aspirations.

Built for LEgacy

CSPs have many legacy systems from years and years of re-innovation, M&A, and strategic initiatives.  This has handicapped and delayed next-stage innovation for service providers that Acumen360’s end-to-end management can solve for.

Microservice Architecture

Loosely-coupled and highly-coherent systems significantly increase the overall flexibility and management of your system landscape.  This agility is key for an efficient delivery and automated operations processes.

Customer Loyalty & retention

World-class customer experience builds a foundation of loyalty and improves customer retention. Telecom Service Providers that provide extra value through interaction are rewarded with long-term loyalty.

Acumen360 BENEFITS

Transformation to customer-centric automation

Each platform implementation is tailored to meet the needs of the CSP, ensuring customer experience differentiation and the experience and expertise of the complex telecom OSS/BSS landscape.

Cost Savings

There are tremendous operational and capital expense savings once your complex legacy systems are optimized and automated for digital transformation.

Flexibility & Automation

Innovative and future-proof end-to-end product suite enables seamless system integration & automated processes and workflows with single touch actions.

Agnostic & Opensource

An agnostic and opensource approach allows for flexible customer-centric platform and adaptability for on-going innovation and customer requirements.

End-to-End Customer Experience

Built with your customer touch-points and customer journey in mind to enable omni-channel digital customer experience.

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