Digitize Operations & Enable Revenue Generation

Acumen360™ Platform

Acumen360 allows for a 360-degree view of the end customer and the business, enabling an award-winning customer experience platform unique to each Communications Service Provider.


Acumen360 enables an end-to-end digital customer experience portal that provides a multi-dimensional view into on-demand services as well as traditional products, including hooks into all legacy systems. Enterprise and SMB users will have self-service activities at their fingertips, including service orders, customer care, provisioning status, network visibility, billing, ticketing, reporting, and more. 

Acumen360 FEATURES

Out of the Box Features

The Acumen360 Middleware brings together your organization’s disparate systems and automated workflows to enable employees to spend less time managing processes and more time focusing on your core business – and customers enabled with zero-touch actions.

Acumen360 Platform

Service Provider Features

End-Customer Features

Acumen Digital Experience delivers complete customer & data management, visualization, and AI/ML to support circuit inventory, ticketing, ordering, helpdesk, and any legacy OSS/BSS integrations.

Service Provider Features

  • 360-degree Visibility
  • User & Admin Mgmt.
  • Configurable Dashboards
  • Customer Care Mgmt.
  • Ticket Mgmt.
  • Order Mgmt.
  • API Integration Mgmt.
  • Partner Mgmt.
  • Resource Mgmt.
  • Notification / Alerts
  • User Mgmt.
  • User Mgmt.
  • Quotation Mgmt.
  • A.I. Engine
  • Impersonate Customer
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Employee Hierarchy
  • Sales Account Mapping
  • Service Inventory
  • Communication History
  • Product Catalogue & CPQ
  • Actionable Insights & Reporting

END-Customer Features

  • Single Portal View
  • Self-Serve Capabilities
  • Admin Functionality
  • Self-registration
  • Configurable Widgets
  • View Orders
  • View Tickets
  • View Outages
  • View Network
  • View SLA
  • Reporting / Insights
  • Custom Quotes
  • Digital Signature
  • Workflow Visibility
  • Intelligent Chat Bot
  • Mobile App
  • Custom Dashboards
  • New Features Wizard
  • User & Role Mgmt.
  • Escalation Matrix
  • View Services Portfolio

Acumen CPQ & Marketplace delivers a multi-tenant vendor-neutral marketplace to productize and monetize SDN, NFV, SD-WAN, Cloud, Edge, IoT/5G, and any transitional services.

Service Provider Features

  • Marketplace Mgmt.
  • Inventory Mgmt.
  • Multi-Vendor Mgmt.
  • Virtualized Services
  • DC & Cloud Connect
  • UCPE / VNF Services
  • Partner Mgmt.
  • Partner & Vendor APIs
  • Commission Mgmt.
  • Enhanced CPQ
  • Solution Mgmt.
  • Filtering / Tagging
  • Workflow Mgmt.

END-Customer Features

  • Product Ordering
  • Buying Experience
  • Product Content Experience
  • Wizard Configuration
  • Automated Price, Configure, Buy
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Solution Configuration
  • User Community
  • Status / Workflow Visibility
  • API Marketplace
  • Service Order Automation
  • Automated Provisioning

Acumen Service Orchestration delivers an end-to-end service order and management solution, including a service activation engine to support multi-domain service orchestration

Service Provider Features

  • Multi-Domain Service Orchestration
  • End-to-End Mgmt.
  • Branch Monitoring
  • Network as a Service
  • Network Visibility
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Network Configuration
  • Creation/Deletion of Data Connections
  • Create Security policies
  • Customer QoS Mgmt.
  • Service Discovery
  • IP Asset Mgmt.
  • SDN Controller

END-Customer Features

  • Order On-Demand Solutions
  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Network Health
  • Real-Time Activation
  • Deep Analytics
  • Recommendations
  • Actionable Insights
  • Topology Map Dashboard
  • Intercarrier Connections
  • Custom Solutioning
  • Low-Touch Provisioning

Acumen360 Advantages

Provides the building blocks to enable digital services

Communications service providers must cope with increasingly demanding customer bases, legacy siloed processes and systems, and IT budgets that may not fit business aspirations.

Built for LEgacy & GREENFIELD

CSPs have many legacy systems from years and years of re-innovation, M&A, and strategic initiatives.  This has handicapped and delayed next-stage innovation for service providers that Acumen360’s end-to-end management can solve for.

Microservice Architecture

Loosely-coupled and highly-coherent systems significantly increase the overall flexibility and management of your system landscape.  This agility is key for an efficient delivery and automated operations processes.

Customer Loyalty & retention

World-class customer experience builds a foundation of loyalty and improves customer retention. Telecom Service Providers that provide extra value through interaction are rewarded with long-term loyalty.

Acumen360 Principles

Transformation to digital-first experience automation

The platform’s modular framework and deep capabilities combine to provide ease of operation and deployment with a unified goal: to solve for digital experience, buying/selling, and 360-degree visibility into the business and the customer.

Enterprise Grade

Acumen360 is an enterprise-grade solution that seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure and technology stacks. The platform provides reliable features and functions to help organizations eiciently define policies, implement controls, governance, and capture, manage and access data over time.

Data/API Integration

Acumen360 supports integration to existing investments in enterprise IT and infrastructure to minimize disruption and headaches. Integrations are configured to standards-based and open API adapters, supporting some of the most used (and not so used) Business and Operations Support Systems, including network infrastructure.

Data Aggregation

Acumen360 provides a Customer Master as the data curation function to drive data translation via a single-source-of-truth to keep data consistent and updated in real-time. This allows users to always have the most up to date information in front of them—enabling a 360-degree view into the customer and their own network.

Deployment Options

Acumen360 supports a variety of deployment options—you choose what you want. Deploy the platform On-Premise, or in a private or public cloud instance on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. The deployment on each environment is automated and achieved through the version control system and the integration/deployment system (i.e. Jenkins).

Cloud Native

Acumen360’s modular architecture is scalable, microservicedriven, and future-proof. The headless framework has the ability to deploy against multiple use-cases to simplify IT complexity. Being technology agnostic allows for continuous delivery, auto-scalaing, capacity utilization—and is predictable and immutable.

Analytics & Data

Acumen360 has deep analytics and an A.I. Engine that allows users (internal operations & enterprise customers) to analyze and report across internal and external data sources in real time—allowing you to visualize descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive actionable insights.

Architecture Services

Acumen360 is highly coherent, with loosely coupled applications. It is agnostic with an open source focus and Lightweight environment allowing for rapid productization and monetization of SDN/NFV. Customer-centric UI/UX design, open and available REST APIs, and extensive platform security.

Agile Methodology

Acumen360 supports industry standard CI (continuous integration) and CD (continuous deployment) processes. All of our implementations are agile and adaptable to the unique requirements of our customers—continuously integrated and pushed in small batches to the development (local test) environment—including real-time issue resolution.

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