Embracing microservices design principles will enable CSPs to develop and launch new solutions faster than ever before.

Emerging Microservices Design Principles for CSPs

Microservices architecture presents an opportunity for telecom services to become more agile, flexible and scalable. Here's what you need to know.
NFV provides incredible revenue-generating opportunities for CSPs.

The incredible value of NFV offerings

Now is the time for telecom service providers to embrace network function virtualization and incorporate the technology into their own solutions.
Telecom service providers create new revenue opportunities with virtualization.

Virtualized service providers: The next stage of telecom evolution

Telecom service providers can create new revenue opportunities by embracing virtualization technology.
Will SD-WAN eventually replace MPLS?

Is SD-WAN cannibalistic to MPLS?

Telecom service providers don’t need to choose one or the other between MPLS and SD-WAN. In fact, they shouldn’t.
How can emerging communications technology help the telecom industry?

How emerging communications technologies pave the way to telecom success

There is an incredible amount of emerging communications technology out there for telecoms to reshape their network environments, establish money-making revenue streams and exceed customer expectations.
Follow telecom standards when necessary, but keep an open mind about potential, innovative solutions.

More open standards are good for telecom transformation

Telecom standards have been incredibly beneficial establishing baseline service quality and performance, but they may stand in the way of innovation if followed too closely.
Free-optics communications can transmit data to places that traditional fiber optic-based networks can't reach.

What free-space optical communication offers the telecom industry

Free-space optics may present a viable solution to many communications obstacles.
These three telecom services could create new revenue streams.

3 money-making services telecoms should offer right now

Customer demands are steadily increasing, and telecom companies need to not only meet those expectations, but monetize their efforts to create new revenue streams.
Bandwidth limitations may disrupt service delivery and quality.

Where are today's bandwidth limitations - and how can they be overcome?

These major bandwidth limitations can impact data transfer speeds and telecom service capabilities.
Telecom customers should be able to spin up new services whenever needed.

3 must-have features of any customer-facing cloud portal

Telecom customer-facing cloud portals should offer a combination of simplicity, responsiveness and convenience.