CloudSmartz Places in (6) Award Categories

Embracing Excellence: CloudSmartz at the Pipeline Innovation Awards

Renowned for celebrating outstanding achievements and advancements, the Pipeline Innovation Awards are not just a testament to technological ability but also a recognition of the vision and dedication that drives the industry forward. With hundreds of nominations spanning 30 categories, the awards provide a stage for pioneers like CloudSmartz to showcase their transformative solutions and breakthrough technologies – 2023 was their 12th annual awards recognition. Read the full Pipeline article on the awards here.

CloudSmartz, a leader in providing Customer Management and Experience (CM&X) solutions, entered this arena with its trademark blend of innovation and strategic insight. Recognized across several categories, the company’s achievements at the awards were a testament to its multifaceted impact on the industry. The recognition in ‘The Most Innovative Technology Provider’ category underscored CloudSmartz’s exceptional integration of innovation, extending its influence beyond internal processes to collaborative ventures with external partners like Connectbase, Ni2 and TransUnion (formally Neustar).

The respected Judging Panel this year was comprised of 30 technology experts and executives who were hand-selected from Pipeline’s Industry Advisory Board from companies such as AT&T, Bell Canada, BT Group, Colt, Comcast, Lumen, Orange, Rogers, Telefonica, Telenor, Telstra, Telus, T-Mobile, and Windstream. This year’s judging panel also featured prominent industry analysts from ACG Research, Analysys Mason, Appledore Research, Dell’Oro Group, IDC, Omdia, The Technology Innovation Council, and others. All of whom have an opportunity to review the contestants’ extensive submissions, questionnaires, and supporting materials – including conducting their own independent research, interviews, and demonstrations. The judges then vote on which of the finalists in each category they find most innovative. The contestant with the most votes becomes the winner, and the contestant with the second most votes becomes the runner-up within each category.

CloudSmartz’s Achievements at the Pipeline Innovation Awards

CloudSmartz’s achievements at the awards were reflective of its holistic approach to innovation and their Acumen360™ Digital Marketplace Platform. The company was celebrated across six key categories (details here):

  1. Most Innovative Technology Provider: As a finalist, CloudSmartz demonstrated its organization-wide culture of innovation, reinforcing its role as a leader in technological advancement and enhancements to Acumen360.
  2. Innovations AI & Data Analytics: The Acumen360 Platform was recognized for its AI-driven platform and vision, particularly in enterprise service and B/OSS (Business and Operational Support Systems) automation, showcasing CloudSmartz’s expertise in integrating AI into practical, impactful solutions.
  3. Innovations Agility & Automation: Acumen360 was featured for its advanced OSS automation capabilities, highlighting the platform’s ability to enhance operational efficiency and adaptability.
  4. Innovations in Digital Transformation: As the runner-up, CloudSmartz displayed strength in the B2B Enterprise and Wholesale space, marking its pivotal role in driving digital transformation in the industry – with a roadmap to support more ISP/Alt-nets with the same framework.
  5. Innovations in Customer Experience: Innovations by CloudSmartz in this category were noted for their significant enhancements to customer experience, emphasizing the company’s commitment to customer-centric solutions.
  6. Innovations in Digital Experience: Competing strongly in this category, the Acumen360 platform focused on enriching digital customer experiences, illustrating CloudSmartz’s ability to merge technological innovation with user-centric design.

Why Acumen360

At the heart of CloudSmartz’s innovation lies Acumen360, a platform that reimagines how CSPs engage with their customers. Beyond its role as a digital experience portal, Acumen360 is a testament to CloudSmartz’s vision of seamless, integrated customer management. By consolidating critical functions such as CPQ, order management, and billing, the platform transforms the customer engagement landscape, offering an unprecedented level of efficiency and user experience.

Acumen360’s significance extends to its ability to simplify complex marketplaces and customer lifecycle management, embodying a strategic approach to digital transformation. This is not just about technological consolidation; it’s about reshaping the customer experience from the ground up. The platform’s flexibility and scalability make it a potent tool for CSPs, enabling them to navigate the challenges of a digital-first marketplace with agility and foresight.

Looking Forward

As CloudSmartz celebrates its achievements and the success of Acumen360, it also casts an eye towards the future. The company’s commitment to innovation is unwavering, with plans to further enhance Acumen360’s capabilities. This expansion is not just about adding features; it’s about enriching the platform’s ability to meet evolving market demands and exceed customer expectations.

The future for CloudSmartz is about fostering stronger partnerships, deepening collaborations, and driving customer success. The company’s vision is to not just keep pace with the industry’s evolution but to lead it, setting new benchmarks in customer engagement, operational efficiency, and digital transformation.


The journey of CloudSmartz, marked by its achievements at the Pipeline Innovation Awards since 2019, is a narrative of continuous innovation and dedication to excellence. As the company looks to the future, it remains anchored in its mission to empower CSPs with a unified, self-service platform that accelerates revenue growth, quote-to-cash, and service delivery automation. In a world where digital transformation is a necessity, CloudSmartz stands poised to lead the digital communications and connectivity sector towards a more connected, efficient, and customer-centric future.