CloudSmartz and Ni2 Partner to Help CSPs Pivot to a Digital Marketplace

Combined CloudSmartz and Ni2 Solution Accelerates and Improves Profitability with Unified Service Experience, Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ), Service Delivery Express, and Digital Infrastructure Inventory Management

ROCHESTER, NY, June 29, 2023 – CloudSmartz, a global leader and provider of digital transformation and revenue acceleration solutions for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is excited to announce a new strategic alliance with Ni2, an innovative provider of unified digital infrastructure inventory and agile OSS solutions. This partnership integrates Ni2’s comprehensive fiber, tower, and data center inventory management platform, Ecosys™, with the Acumen360™ Marketplace Platform from CloudSmartz.

This newly formed strategic partnership between Ni2 and CloudSmartz provides CSPs with a unified experience solution that digitizes existing processes, enhances operations, and fast-tracks digital transformation initiatives. The integration of Ni2’s unified inventory management capabilities with the Acumen360 unified experience platform provides CSPs with real-time visibility into their network and service inventory to enable faster and better decision-making and provide a superior customer experience, helping CSPs better monetize their network infrastructure by improving order accuracy, and creating greater operational agility while accelerating revenues and decelerating costs.

Ni2 Ecosys is a modular next-generation Operational Support Systems (OSS) platform that delivers a uniquely integrated Fiber, Tower, and Data Center inventory – exposing a Digital Twin of the entire digital infrastructure – providing a single source of truth encompassing all physical, logical, and service layers to help optimize and automate how CSPs plan, sell, deliver, and support their digital services.

Acumen360 from CloudSmartz is a modular platform and powerful overlay that combines data and information from existing, legacy, and future systems into one unified 360-interface – including Configure, Price, Quote (Acumen CPQ), and Service Delivery Express (Acumen SDX) modules through a Unified Experience Portal (Acumen UXP). Acumen360 provides out-of-the-box and custom, personalized portals for CSP end-users and their customers based on their roles and job functions to enable streamlined self-service and a one-click marketplace with automatic workflows and zero-touch actions using its intelligent workflow engine. Together, this new partnership between Ni2 and CloudSmartz combines best-of-breed solutions to provide a unified experience with end-to-end automation and seamless service delivery.

“The integration of Ni2’s inventory solution into CloudSmartz’s Acumen360 platform signifies a monumental shift in the range of solutions available to communication service providers,” stated Matthew Ray, CMO of CloudSmartz. “This partnership amplifies our clients’ capacity to streamline operations and revenue, optimize costs, and elevate customer experiences. We remain steadfast in our commitment to pioneering innovation and providing superior digital solutions to support our customers’ transformation initiatives worldwide.”

“We are extremely excited about this alliance with CloudSmartz, which marks a new milestone in providing innovative, strategic, and incremental benefits for CSPs,” said Joseph Bondi, Director of Innovation & Strategy of Ni2. “Our unified inventory solution, now working in sync with the Acumen360 platform, offers seamless end-to-end digital infrastructure visibility and insightful information, a vital component for operating in today’s fast-paced digital world. We eagerly look forward to jointly introducing this unique offering to the global marketplace.”

The CloudSmartz-Ni2 partnership fundamentally enables CSPs to navigate and accelerate digital transformation with ease, simplify operations, and provide superior services to their customers. By bringing together the unique strengths of both companies, this alliance promises to deliver a holistic solution to enhance, improve, and redefine operational agility for CSPs worldwide.


About CloudSmartz

CloudSmartz, an industry leader in providing digital marketplaces and the state-of-the-art Acumen360™ digital customer experience platform, establishes a new standard for instant global connectivity, thereby revolutionizing digital service automation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The Acumen360 platform unlocks the potential of software-centric customer automation, driving immediate fiscal enhancements and value creation.

CloudSmartz’ focus lies in unlocking full potential by simplifying processes and innovating, which is crucial for boosting revenues and curtailing operational costs. As a specialist in catalyzing revenue growth for CSPs through digital transformation, CloudSmartz delivers continuous innovation and lifecycle management, defining and delivering a unified digital experience.

Boasting over twenty-five years of expertise in the telecom and software sectors, CloudSmartz has been distinguished as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Privately-held Companies for five consecutive years by Inc. magazine. It has also been named a Gartner Cool Vendor and has received numerous accolades for driving digital transformation within the industry.

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About Ni2

Ni2 believes that Digital Infrastructure is the foundation of the digital economy. Ni2’s innovative software solution helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to effectively monetize their digital infrastructure and accelerate their return of invested capital by providing a uniquely integrated Fiber, Tower, and Data Center Inventory and Management Platform – exposing a Digital Twin of their entire digital infrastructure – obtaining the visibility and insightful information required to meet the highest standards of service assurance and customer experience. Ni2’s transformative solution enables CSPs to successfully scale faster, operate better, and be more agile, by optimizing and automating how they plan, sell, deliver, and support the digital services, and in turn helps CSP’s to become major “Enablers” of this digital economy by improving communications, the exchange of information, commerce, education, and the quality of life in the communities they serve.

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