Product Catalog & Configure, Price, Quote Solution

Acumen CPQ

The solution provides real-time pricing, quoting, and discounting for Communication Service Provider (CSP) legacy products & on-demand revenue-generating services – allowing for better accuracy, faster actions, and revenue acceleration.


Acumen CPQ Product Catalog & Intelligent CPQ for CSPs

The CloudSmartz AI-powered Acumen CPQ enhances sales enablement by simplifying the complex telecom pricing structures and long sales process.  With less time working on quotes and issues, your sales teams will be able to spend more time selling your legacy and digital services you provide to your customers.

Acumen CPQ can be standalone or as an integrated module to our digital customer experience platform, Acumen360 – ultimately enabling end-to-end Lifecycle Service Orchestration & Management through the platform.


A complete CPQ package for CSP sales enablement

Acumen CPQ is an easy to use configure, price, quote tool that enables sales and pricing teams at CSPs with real-time information, automated workflows, and AI powered tools – Configurable, customizable, and scalable.

Visualize real-time information on sales, margins, discounts, and profitability with configurable widgets for quick views on a role-based dashboard view. Sales teams and leaders will be able to see next steps, open quotes, approval statuses, and more.

AI-powered IntelliBot fetches product information in seconds to offer prescriptive support for real-time and automated decision making.

The Electronic Sales Order Form turns approvals into automated workflows to eliminate data entry errors and redundancies – ultimately streamlining the time to revenue. Integration to existing OSS/BSS via REST APIs will improve the flow of information and reduce any inefficient swivel chair actions.

Sales teams no longer need to spend hours and days generating quotes. With a simple framework for collaboration on quoting complex scenarios, and supporting the creation of complex solution diagrams for the down-stream teams, your teams will see a large drop in errors, support costs, and time to quote — ultimately generating revenue faster and driving customer retention.  

Dynamic pricing (or demand pricing) enables your pricing strategy team to quickly flex to unique selling scenarios that will generate the greatest margin based on current market demands, cable cuts, or competitive opportunities.

The engine supports creation of complex solution diagrams for the down-stream teams to enable

An automated approval processes will improve compliance, visibility, and decision making –  seamlessly connecting to your OSS/BSS for efficient collaboration and transparency.

Access to full configuration administration for all features, product catalogue, pricing, escalation, workflow paths, and more.

Acumen CPQ Advantages

Streamline productivity, efficiency, and accelerate revenue

Communications service providers are constantly innovating and cutting costs to support the changes in the business – streamlining the quote-to-cash process has advantages that are more than just the bottom line.

Powerful Pricing Engine

The powerful pricing engine can support complex scenarios, custom pricing requirements (ICBs), real-time currency exchange, configurable discounts, and automated deal profitability.

Intelligent Guidance

AI-powered bots enables your organization to display up-sell and cross-sell products and services to your customers – and offer prescriptive support when an error or issue occurs with full auditing.

Quote-to-Order Efficiency

Turn your salesforce into revenue generating machines that are spending less time waiting and more time closing deals, meeting deadlines, and enhancing customer loyalty and retention.


Sales enablement driven by AI-enabled CPQ

Enhance your organization with real-time transparency of the sales process, increased profitability, and informed decisions via artificial intelligence – built to scale for the product largest and complex inventories.

Reduce Sales Cycle & Errors

Once implemented, your organization will eliminate costly errors and reduce the sales cycle from days and weeks to same day execution.

Comprehensive Product Catalog

Future-proof the growth of an ever-expanding and complex product catalog with configuration across multiple channels

Standardized Contracts & Proposals

Clean-up the back-office with standardized workflows and automation to generate orders, contracts, and renewal opportunities.

OSS/BSS Configurations

Acumen CPQ enables the configuration of a diverse set of products portfolio, complex offerings with multiple features, and complex pricing structures.

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