7 Digital Transformation Trends for Telecoms

It’s hard to believe, but the first half of 2019 is in the books.  We saw all the predictions from the telecom thought leaders and industry experts starting in Q4 2018 and continuing through the first half of the year as the early roll-out…

OpenKilda: A Scalable Open Source SDN Controller

CloudSmartz is proud to be a strategic and prime implementation partner with OpenKilda in bringing scalability to the control plane dilemma – as well as delivering pronounced gains in telemetry, network state, self-healing, and GUI.

The Modern Telco Needs & Wants to be Open, Scalable and Secure

Communication service providers that are available to effectively navigate industry challenges will find new opportunities to drive revenue through powerful digital services. The key is to find the right balance of scalability, flexibility and security.
Follow telecom standards when necessary, but keep an open mind about potential, innovative solutions.

More open standards are good for telecom transformation

Telecom standards have been incredibly beneficial establishing baseline service quality and performance, but they may stand in the way of innovation if followed too closely.
Free-optics communications can transmit data to places that traditional fiber optic-based networks can't reach.

What free-space optical communication offers the telecom industry

Free-space optics may present a viable solution to many communications obstacles.
Choosing the right cloud provider for your specific needs is critical to success.

Consider the Flexibility of Agnostic Digital Transformation Providers When Assessing Options

Choosing the right cloud provider for your organization is going to come down to which vendors meet your highest priorities.
Digital customer portals can dramatically improve user experience and overall satisfaction levels.
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Strengthen the customer experience through digital portals

By leveraging digital portals, telcos can drastically enhance the customer experience and drive satisfaction levels upward.
Self-service tools could be a great way to improve telecom customer satisfaction.
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How to empower customers with self-service tools (and why it matters)

Finding that competitive edge in the telecom space isn't easy. Self-service tools could provide the key differentiator telcos need to stand out from the crowd.
Continuous delivery improves software quality as well as delivery times.

Continuous Delivery explained: What it means for business

Continuous delivery may be considered a strictly IT concern, but it can drive real business value.
Agile development efforts should closely align with broader program management strategies.
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Where do agile development and program management meet?

Program management and agile development strategies are a means to drive value and meet business objectives.