SDN and NFV to play key roles in bandwidth-hungry future


Internet speed is going to be the driving factor for service providers in the future, and developing a new model to respond is the key for longevity. Many business leaders have begun to grapple with this trend, but to fully prepare for what’s coming, a more in-depth understanding of growing bandwidth demands is essential.

The speed and size of new connections

Key to understanding this trend is the rise of smart networks. This isn’t just the domain of the Internet of Things (IoT), but rather a part of several different connected movements, including automated cars and a rise in streaming video.

A recent article for IT Pro Portal looked at the many varied technologies that will all depend on a well-operating and demanding internet. The source noted the number of “smart objects” will jump dramatically, representing a 58-billion-device increase in the 14-year period between 2006 and 2020.

There are two major concerns to keep in mind:

  1. One is the need to manage the influx of connections successfully, with billions of users eventually gaining access to the internet. These developments will hinge on the newest industry trends—not just hardware—so businesses need to discover ways to adapt as the rest of the world focuses on how to increase bandwidth.
  2. The other concern to remember during the coming evolution will be the role of security based on the architecture of smart networks and IoT. The recent Dyn DNS DDoS attack demonstrated how coordinated “botnets” can target servers.

Because criminal enterprises affect online traffic by overwhelming servers with mega-traffic attacks, the impacted organizations have to prepare for issues of inundated connections. Securing these lines could depend on continual investment in network architecture.

CloudSmartz and SDxSuite​TM

Researching SDN options will help businesses update their own networking to accommodate this new reality. Bandwidth-on-Demand is part of the new status quo, but it’s only one aspect. The provider that employs effective and flexible SDN solutions will give companies a way to harness the benefits of SDN and NFV—providing answers to the modern reality of network-based threats.

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