These three telecom services could create new revenue streams.

3 money-making services telecoms should offer right now

Customer demands are steadily increasing, and telecom companies need to not only meet those expectations, but monetize their efforts to create new revenue streams.
IAC can be a major asset for software development in the cloud.

What do we mean when we talk about 'Infrastructure as a Code'?

Infrastructure as a Code can help IT teams provision and deploy critical assets faster than ever before.
Solutions like automation and monitoring tools are essential for DevOps.

What are the best DevOps tools for telecoms?

DevOps can be a major asset to telecoms everywhere, but they need to first lay the groundwork with the right tools to support such projects.
By partnering with a skilled MSP, companies can gain the tools necessary to drive DevOps forward.

How to make DevOps a rousing success

A savvy IT managed services provider can help make any DevOps initiative a successful one.
Cultivating a collaborative environment is essential for DevOps to flourish.

Why culture is everything in DevOps

To successfully implement the DevOps model, organizations need to first facilitate a more welcoming cultural mindshift.
When implemented correctly, DevOps can be a major boon for businesses.

Why DevOps transformation needs to happen today

DevOps transformation isn’t a theoretical or abstract ideal. It’s very much an attainable goal, and it needs to happen today.
Agile development efforts should closely align with broader program management strategies.
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Where do agile development and program management meet?

Program management and agile development strategies are a means to drive value and meet business objectives.
Are you following these four program management best practices?

How to Implement These 4 Program Management Best Practices

Clarifying business problems and attaining stakeholder consensus as to what a product should do are key program management practices you should apply. 
How do you convince the executive suite that NaaS is worth the investment?

How to Make a Business Case for Network as a Service

How can you convince skeptical executives and board members that NaaS will enable your business to thrive in an age of software-defined technologies?
Can today's OSS/BSS solutions accommodate SDN?

Next-gen OSS/BSS solutions must support SDN services

The Internet of Things and DevOps is inciting a need for software-defined networking. However, can today's OSS/BSS solutions handle SDN workloads?