Bringing the OSS and BSS up to speed with SDN

Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) may be changing, but not every company will know how to make these changes work. A 2014 Open Network Foundation brief looked at the state of the OSS/BSS, and how Software Defined Networking could bring these functions into the future. Like many other layers, these will have to be more dynamic as users expect real-time results.

In addition to this, the brief said that the new OSS will have to integrate with the structure of the SDN. Even with the changes that have come to support systems over the years, enterprises are facing a more context-sensitive world, where the network infrastructure can change to meet new challenges.

However, this doesn’t necessarily require a complete overhaul if the OSS or BSS can be adapted to merge with the SDN controller layer. In fact, the brief added that the change will largely involve the SDN functions, not the OSS itself.

CloudSmartz SDN/NFV Pillars

As with other aspects of SDN adoption, user companies may be understandably concerned about revenue and ROI.

It’s possible that the transition will take less time with professional software, allowing users to minimize the amount of time lost (a gain in savings for OPEX).
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Done gradually, the systems update can mitigate concerns for the business and focus on the services their operations can provide.

Virtualizing functions can also make things more lightweight as your business adds more everyday value in a new, less rigid environment.

Those who don’t see SDN as being worth their while may not have considered the real transformation at work here, either. As more enterprises are virtualized, there will be a greater demand for network-ready services – increasing demand for another evolution of software-defined network solutions

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