Overview of Lifecycle Service Orchestration Solution

Service providers can stay competitive in today’s marketplace by offering a solution that provides network and operational efficiencies while at the same time creating new revenue opportunities by taking advantage of SDN/NFV technologies.

For Service Providers venturing down this path, our CloudSmartz SDxSuite Solution is the answer to the complexities of Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) – Our turnkey solution is a tightly woven suite of Northbound SDN/NFV capabilities that are integrated with Southbound SDN controllers and switches to support both carrier and enterprise customers on a local, national and global basis.

SDxSuite is part of CloudSmartz’ Acumen CX Portal Solution for telcos that allow for on-demand and traditional services – ordering, provisioning, pricing, billing, visibility and control for customers, employees and channel partners.

In the new world, companies will only have to pay for the network they use. It’s going to enable a completely usage-based network model.  And it connects the consumption of bandwidth with applications that are using it — those companies are the ones that are going to win.

Dan Wagner CEO & Co-Founder, CloudSmartz


Productization & Monetization of SDN

With the advent of the SDN/NFV revolution, the industry is inevitably transforming towards a paradigm which is a more innovative business and operational model:

  • Real-time services provisioning
  • On-demand services definition & development
  • Integrated automation & data across service offerings
  • Instant monitoring, control, billing, & management
  • Independent of vendor & abstracted from provider
  • Integration between legacy OSS/BSS, new SDN/NFV offerings, and telecom hardware infrastructure

Northbound Innovation

While the industry has been heavily Southbound focused – with network controller automation – the true value with SDN/NFV is realized when Northbound Innovation is applied to the top layer of LSO Automation, Service Providers achieve new streams of revenue and enterprise customers gain control.

Your Audience Awaits

Imagine selling your customers the ability to back-up their services only when they need it or by providing your customer the capability to purchase bandwidth-on-demand within minutes instead of weeks or months.

Are you ready to productize and monetize SDN/NFV capabilities?

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Features & Benefits

The Solution Service Providers Need - The Solution the Enterprise Demands.


Industry leaders have realized the momentum derived from new services opportunities – with effort from Portal-to-Port solutions.


Southbound SDN/NFV is becoming more solidified and standardized – through ONOS, OpenDaylight, Tail-F and many others.


Product-led software engineering can be the catalyst to rapid innovation and value creation for new products and services to Enterprise customers.


Creation of new on demand services for enterprise customers require development across the Northbound and Southbound spectrum – in parallel.

Rapid Deployment

Rapidly deploying new on demand services is feasible with focus, commitment, and a specific development methodology.

Cost Savings

There are tremendous operational and capital expense savings once SDN/NFV is deployed – making money AND saving money is better.

Self-Service Portal

Customer self-service activation provides enterprises real-time provisioning, billing, management and integrated automation across service offerings.

New Revenue Opportunities

A proven and practical framework for helping Service Providers productize and monetize SDN/NFV capabilities to develop and launch new products.

OSS/BSS Services

Abstraction of OSS/BSS Services enables Bandwidth-on-Demand that provides a modular, fungible, API-driven and integration-ready platform.

Vendor Agnostic Solutions

Agnostic to network, hardware, software and virtualization capabilities with open standards / open source technologies, including ONOS and OpenDaylight.

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