Laser Light Partners with CloudSmartz to Deploy World’s First Laser-Based Global Communications Network

Multi-Year Partnership to Build Highly Innovative End-to-End Automated Environment

September 12, 2017 —

CloudSmartz, Inc., a full life-cycle software development firm, today announced it has been selected by Laser Light Communications for a 5-year engagement as its strategic development partner for Laser Light’s StarBeam™ Hybrid OS, Operational and Business Support Systems development and integration, as well as designing, building and implementing Laser Light’s on-demand Software-Defined Networking capabilities.

Laser Light’s StarBeam™ OS is a US patent, proprietary, next-generation, software-defined, all optical communications system. StarBeam™ is intended to be an automated and robust cognitive based computing system using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to sense, predict, and infer network conditions and weather patterns, configured to dynamically manage transmission of data between optical communications nodes – both terrestrial and orbital –  to form a hybrid mesh global network topology.  This newly patented StarBeam™ network system is intended to make autonomous traffic routing decisions across the entire hybrid network – satellites and ground service networks, offering multiple “real time” service options to eliminate slowdowns from network congestion, outages, or weather interruptions.

“Laser Light intends to converge on its HALO hybrid platform the efficiency of a global All-Optical satellite system, with its own supporting All-SD, greenfield, terrestrial network. Laser Light is looking for an agile development partner with the mind-set of “software-first” and a focus on thin-architecture that is simple and streamlined to deliver the best customer service possible”, said Robert “Bob” Brumley, CEO, Laser Light. “CloudSmartz has the experience and expertise that fits into our multi-year plans – they understand the innovative technology we are bringing to the marketplace and have the drive to deliver a world-class customer experience for our future clients.”

“While conventional transport systems require labor-intensive terrestrial infrastructure and are vulnerable to potential service disruptions, Laser Light’s system will deliver an alternative hybrid platform at lower operating costs, without sacrificing throughput capacities, greater reliability and unparalleled security. The complete +33Tbps HALO hybrid network will be made up of 12 optical satellites expected to deliver service speeds of 200 gigabits per second, bi-directionally, or 100 times faster than conventional space-based radio downlinks, fully integrated into its own greenfield, Software-Defined, extended ground network, ensuring a coherent, carrier grade, tier 1, all-optical, global service platform”, Brumley said.

“With our innovation and expertise, we are teaming up with some of the best and brightest vendors to create the world’s first completely SDN-driven model – without the constraints of legacy infrastructure,” says Dan Wagner, CEO, CloudSmartz.  “CloudSmartz has a history of innovation and disruptive technologies within the telecommunications industry and has grown by providing development and integration services for some of the first software-defined customer portals in the industry – we are looking forward to another first.”

Highlights / Key Facts

  • Laser Light’s High Articulation Laser Optics (HALO™) HYBRID Global Network is working toward becoming the world’s first laser-based communications network providing over 100 customer Points of Presence (StarEdge™) clustered within 20-25 SD-WAN’s across the globe.
  • Laser Light’s StarBeam™ Hybrid OS provides autonomous monitoring and management of all network functions to achieve “Best Routing; Best Latency” results – which is highly reliant on Deep Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Weather Analytics and Operating Preferences.
  • Management of the HALO global network will require timely processing of massive amounts of data; automated, time‐critical, high assurance decisions synchronized across long distances, heterogeneous equipment and networks; and scalable, intelligent, software defined implementations with intuitive user interface and control, all implemented while minimizing OPEX – providing a truly hybrid, fully integrated, coherent, “end-to-end” Software-Defined global network.
  • CloudSmartz has extensive cutting-edge telecom systems development and deployment experience, and was part of the team that developed and integrated one of the world’s largest and most technologically advanced Software-Defined Networking platforms with terabytes of capacity that enabled high-performance, self-provisioned dynamic network services.
  • CloudSmartz’ flagship telecom solution Acumen360™ combined with SDN-based on-demand services solution SDxSuite™ provides telecommunications customers a full end-to-end customer experience that paves that way for future growth, competitiveness and optimization of productivity and costs savings.

About Laser Light Communications (US)
Laser Light™ intends to deploy an All Optical Hybrid Global Communications Network – HALO™. The service capacity of the planned HALO™ constellation of 8-12 Medium Earth Orbit satellites will be +33Tbps Tbps, comprised of 48 sat-sat 200Gbps optical crosslinks and 72 sat-ground 100Gbps optical up/down links, without reliance on regulated radio frequency spectrum.  Laser Light™ intends to interconnect its proposed HALO™ satellite system with over 100 customer Points of Presence clustered within 20 -25SD-WAN’s across the globe. The HALO™ network – satellite and SD-WAN’s – will be cross-connected to Laser Light’s proprietary extended ground network and its patented StarBeam™ operating system, ensuring carrier grade service, enhanced redundancy, resiliency, and unprecedented security. HALO™ is designed to support its “OpticalSatellite as a Service” (OsaaS) product suite – Global Access 100Gbps Circuits and its proprietary HALO™ Direct Connect service – to global enterprises, data centers, media, finance firms; carriers; and government entities. For more information:

Laser Light Media Contact
Robert H. Brumley
Laser Light Communications

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