CloudSmartz Named to RBJ Top 2015 Software Developers

Supporting our area’s start-up and technology boom, CloudSmartz, Inc. was recently named to Rochester Business Journal’s 2015 Top Software Developers – currently listed at #17.

Beyond Software Development

We have a successful portfolio in helping local, national, and global organizations to thrive in an environment where success is measured on three things:

  • Reducing overall costs to the business
  • Accelerate Revenue year over year
  • Enhancing the customer experience

One of the more affluent areas you’ll see more from us this year will be around Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

We are actively engaged in helping our customers with creating and implementing an end-to-end solution that encompasses both Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).  Today, we are helping global service providers and manufacturers with a LaunchPad series of applications to help accelerate growth. This includes both new application development and well as integration work with controllers and switches. Our agility in provisioning new services quickly is having a profound impact on revenue realization and enhancing the customer experience.

The big drivers for this activity have been the continued growth in Cloud, Big Data Analytics and Mobility for Service Providers. Our Application Development efforts center around our agile development framework.   It supports central control and use of programmatic API’s for flow based control for selected vendors, 3rd party applications and OSS integration.

Innovation District

It is a pleasure to be listed among such talented and locally-based companies – and supported by our very own Innovation District – in downtown Rochester, our home.  And just this week, Vice President Biden announced new national photonics center (American Institute for Manufacturing (AIM) Photonics)  that will more than likely host their headquarters in the center of our great city just a few blocks from our headquarters.

CloudSmartz unconditionally applauds the technology and innovative growth we are embarking as a community.  As our CEO and founder, Dan Wagner, stated in RDDC’s Downtown Rising video last year as we moved our office downtown, we feel we are in the heart of a great movement.

“Rochester is going through a big change – from the old big corporate days, to start-ups and new tech business and a growing environment again – and those are the types of employees we want here.  And they need to be able to thrive in an environment that you see things being revised constantly – whether it is housing, retail downtown, and more business downtown – that feeling of growing again is something that you participate in.”

– and closing out with his vision for our company –

“…we decided we were going to have an environment that was different, that was full of energy, that was full of excitement, that was the center of something special”. 

To see a bit more of what Rochester has going on, I suggest taking 10 minutes to watch this video.

If you’re in an organization that has an initiative for application development, systems integration, migrating to the cloud, or simply in need of managed and help desk services, that you reach out to us and ask for a conversation.

Because of our broad range of capabilities, we are able to offer superior customer experience through our innovative, agile technical solutions in a single package. We apply 20+ years of IT experience for solving unique business problems in a creative and strategic way – making it our responsibility to have our customers thrive by applying applications and technology to create outstanding customer experiences.