The rise of Bandwidth on Demand, part 2: Getting past the hurdles


In a previous blog, we talked about the need for faster internet speeds in the future and the “Bandwidth on Demand” revolution. With all the advantages to be had, the question remains: How do we put a new model into place? Let’s look closer at the building blocks of BoD and what it will take to make a more agile system.

To ensure future ROI, carriers may first have to invest resources in modernization. Writing for The Stack, Tony Bland said that participants need to strengthen communication on three fronts, citing the “physical, logical and software level” as equally important. Doing this will requires internal cooperation to create the new network based on already-established lines of fiber.

Another major component Bland mentions is the change from leasing to owning infrastructure, such as cable. We’ve already discussed the MAREA project, a famous example of major companies owning the cables they use– and most recently, the UNITY project by Google and Friends, connecting USA and Japan. The trend could continue further, with participating businesses streamlining previously complicated relationships.

In May, Verizon Innovation and New Product Vice President Shawn Hakl discussed some of the features of that company’s virtualization efforts.

For instance, Hakl referenced the direct connectivity their efforts offer “to the Cloud Service Provider community in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region,” according to a post on the company’s blog.

A final key ingredient for BoD is proper managed services. In addition to the logistical resources and new ownership model, working with more sophisticated bandwidth speeds will require smart, reactive control layers. Without this crucial piece, carriers will miss out on BoD’s advantages and still struggle with many of the same problems as before.

Software defined networking is more than just a concept – it’s a proven innovation model to simplify theconsumption and allocation of bandwidth – driving enterprise demand for bandwidth on demand solutions.

CloudSmartz supports SDN solutions that will ultimately make networking more efficient to the end user: you. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to look out for our third and final blog in this series.