SDN Brings Freedom From Provisioned Networks

Networking in the “smart” era will bring a revolutionary amount of freedom to enterprises. Right now, it may be hard to see, but the benefits to productivity and network use could eventually make up for the initial cost. While it takes some effort to look to the future, the speed and flexibility that come with the new model will build off of other advancements for better delivery and pricing models.

We can see the importance of provisioning even in places where SDN has yet to take effect. Ars Technica recently commented on the Database Administrator (DBA), a role typically associated with systems management issues.

According to this source, the shifting focus on cloud activity and virtualization has given more responsibilities to DBAs, different from what they normally know. What the article doesn’t quite say – and what’s obvious to us – is the need for SDN solutions to step in and give user companies automated, scalable control.

The changing IT infrastructure will also see inflated expectations for data latency. Building strong control layers into the networking experience will start enterprises off on the right foot.

Verizon’s Product and New Business Director, Victoria Lonker, recently spoke to Network World about the new demands that IT professionals have as Verizon works on its own virtualized options.

“The enterprise CIO tells us they want to worry less about the network itself and more about their customers’ experience,” Lonker said. “This means they need solutions that offer an integrated management option all the way from the app to the cloud in a very simple way that hopefully reduces total cost of ownership.”

Enterprise CIO’s demand a portal-to- port solution within the network to automate provisioning and extend the customer experience – all while saving money on bandwidth utilization with the click of a finger.

“We have always been focused on three main things when it comes to SDN/NFV Innovation: Enhancing the customer experience, creating new revenue streams for our customers by monetizing SDN/NFV services, and saving our customers money by allowing them to quickly scale their business” said CloudSmartz VP of Application Development Michael Vannest.

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