Telecom companies can drive service delivery with SDN-based solutions.

How SDN supports communication evolution

Some of the most exciting SDN developments have occurred around various communication mediums and the ways in which it bolsters their performance.
SDN and self-service tools can help improve telecom customer experience.

Are telcos meeting customer expectations?

Telcos need to take a hard look at current service delivery levels and engagement channels to meet customer expectations.
SDN can help network security teams spot breaches before they cause lasting damages.

How SDN improves your network security

SDN allows for a different approach to cyber security, one aimed at remediation and rapid response.
Are you following these four program management best practices?

How to Implement These 4 Program Management Best Practices

Clarifying business problems and attaining stakeholder consensus as to what a product should do are key program management practices you should apply. 
What does a program manager do?

What is Program Management and Why Should Telecoms Care?

Program management ensures that a collection of projects, when complete, solve a business problem. What does program management look like in practice? 
How do you convince the executive suite that NaaS is worth the investment?

How to Make a Business Case for Network as a Service

How can you convince skeptical executives and board members that NaaS will enable your business to thrive in an age of software-defined technologies?
Can today's OSS/BSS solutions accommodate SDN?

Next-gen OSS/BSS solutions must support SDN services

The Internet of Things and DevOps is inciting a need for software-defined networking. However, can today's OSS/BSS solutions handle SDN workloads? 
Telecoms need to institute a three-layered SDN/NFV approach.

Telecoms need a three-layered approach for delivering SDN and NFV

The three-layer model is an SDx solution architecture that allows telecoms and their clients to consume network services in a flexible manner. 
Can telecom operation and billing systems support SDN/NFV consumption?

SDN and NFV: Why are telecoms overlooking customer service?

Telecoms are starting to deliver NFV and SDN services, but can their OSS/BSS capabilities support dynamic network consumption? 
SDN, NFV and BoD can increase revenues within telecoms.

This is what telecoms need to deliver bandwidth on demand [infographic]

Enterprise telecom customers expect control and flexibility from carriers. SDN and NFV offer telecoms the chance to deliver such freedom.