A global SDN & NFV perspective from the 2016 Beijing conference

This April 12 and 13 saw the latest edition of the China SDN/NFV Conference arrive in Beijing. For companies that don't normally traffic in much of Asia, reviewing the main takeaways from this event can help create a global sense of what software defined networking might mean for the future of tech development.

According to the event website, this conference hosts more than 1,500 delegates and represents a way for different industries to meet in a shared space centered around networking. Attendance also meant direct exposure to some of the ready-to-deploy solutions that can define the modern IT infrastructure, with important categories like security being highlighted

Linux.com records some of the main points from the opening address of Chen Jiachun. Chen serves as deputy director for China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and her comments put the international purpose of SDN into focus.

According to the source, she specifically discussed the "the worldwide trend toward integration," which can continue to drive development and help businesses create the appropriate applications. She also said that the future of newly available technology could help businesses not just meet deployments but also "surpass" them, as stakeholders refurbish the current IT infrastructure.

What this should show is the far-reaching implications of the move toward SDN. It isn't confined to any one region, but instead represents an interest in fostering continued interactions between different formerly isolated layers. Another event, NVSDN Europe, will run between May 31 and June 2 in Madrid this year, and will center around similar topics of network improvement.

With a more sophisticated strategy for improving networks, organizations can stay aware of the new developments dominating the market across the globe. Companies that participate more in the SDN sphere may get a better understanding of how they can take part in the latest trends.