OpenKilda is the SDN Controller for Global Networks

CloudSmartz is an OpenKilda Key Contributor & Prime Implementation Partner

OpenKilda has been architected from the ground up from web-scale technologies and solves the scalability challenge other SDN controllers face.  OpenKilda specifically addresses scalability, network state, self-healing, and telemetry – it also includes a path computation engine as well as an advanced graphical user interface that provides Communication Service Providers complete SDN control.

Opensource Stream-processing Meets OpenFlow


OpenKilda was designed to control up to a 10,000-switch network with 16 million flows


OpenKilda provides stats collection and visualization to help you manage your global network

Network State

Multiple data-points are collected for comprehensive end-to-end network state

Path Computation Engine

OpenKilda includes a Path Computation Engine (PCE) that deals with dynamic customer provisioning


Allows your network to automatically recover from equipment and link failures

Graphical User Interface

OpenKilda includes a graphical interface to configuration, telemetry and state monitoring

CloudSmartz Partners with NoviFlow to Deliver Data Center Automation

Data Center ConneX™ Solution is a bundled product including NoviFlow Network Switches, the OpenKilda Open Source SDN Controller, and CloudSmartz’ On-Demand Software Portal and Integration

“With our vast experience in network technologies, implementations of various open source controllers, and innovative software solutions, our collaborative teams continue to drive on-going success as prime OpenKilda implementation partner key contributor to OpenKilda, opensource SDN controller.”

Manjeet DhariwalChief Technology Officer, CloudSmartz

Why OpenKilda was created

With the great strides made by major open source projects like ONOS, Open Daylight, and others, why pursue another open source SDN Controller option? Scalability is the chief reason. As concentration was focused upon centralizing control of the network, current open source – as well as proprietary SDN controllers – and their developers seem to have neglected to keep in mind that distributing functionality and the associated data processing requirements is the best way to handle large network footprints.  Many software developers of highly scalable applications have learned this over time.

About OpenKilda

OpenKilda is a scalable open-source SDN Controller built by a Tier-1 CSP and architected from the ground up for use in global provider networks. OpenKilda employs web-scale messaging, work process partitioning, and a graph node Database to deliver massive scalability even in situations of unreliable control planes, highly variable latencies and distances that span the globe. This makes OpenKilda ideal for Bandwidth-on-Demand applications including Datacenter interconnects, DC cross-connects and global WANs. Also providing live telemetry for network operations and a path computation engine (PCE) with intelligent flow routing, OpenKilda is currently deployed in production and manages a network spanning 11 countries and growing. For more information visit