End-to-End Lifecycle Service Orchestration & Management

CloudSmartz SDxSuite™

Multi-tenant LSO for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) of all sizes to productize and monetize software-defined & network virtualization products and services to their customers.

SDxSuite End-to-End Orchestration & Management Platform

To ultimately prosper, CSPs and Data Center Providers are developing fresh revenue streams from a host of digital, on-demand services: NaaS (Network-as-a-Service), BWoD, (Bandwidth on Demand), DCI (Data Center Interconnects), Cloud Connect, SD-WAN, VNF Marketplace (vCPE, virtual firewalls, load balancers), telco cloud, inter-carrier network exchange, and more — all supporting 5G & IoT.


Enabling software-defined networks & virtualization

Our turnkey solution is a tightly woven suite of Northbound SDN/NFV capabilities that are integrated with Southbound SDN controllers and switches to support both carrier and enterprise customers on a local, national and global scale.

A proven and practical framework for helping Service Providers productize and monetize SDN/NFV capabilities to develop and launch new products.

The true value with SDN/NFV is realized when Northbound Innovation is applied to the top layer of LSO Automation, Service Providers achieve new streams of revenue and enterprise customers gain control.

Abstraction of OSS/BSS systems to the newtwork enables end-to-end On-Demand services that provides a modular, fungible, API-driven and integration-ready platform.

Applications to be managed and coordinated over a large virtualized infrastructure, such as: Policy Management, Virtual Firewalls, Virtual Routing & Switching, Networking Brokering, Tapping or Monitoring, WAN Optimization Controllers, and more.

CloudSmartz is agnostic to your network, hardware, software, and virtualization capabilities with open standards / open source technologies, including ONOS, OpenDaylight, and OpenKilda.  Network configuration options include Netconf protocol, Border Gateway Protocol, or Open-Flow Enabled.

CloudSmartz follows industry standards when in the best interest of our customers – but can think outside the box for aspiration limited by standards.  This includes  industry standard APIs driven by TMF, MEF, ETSI and others. We will also help to create of non-standardized APIs when required or preferred.

SDxSuite provides out of the box roles and any additional custom roles can be configured easily as needed.  We offer a single sign on (SSO) API that integrates with Ping Identity, Active Directory, CAS, LDAP, NTL, Novell Identity Manager, Open SSO and more.

We have a detailed process for secure solution implementation from design to deployment (D2D), ensuring the solution not only delivers the functional capabilities but also the secured as per formal industry standard security frameworks like OWASP.  Security features include Two-Factor authentication (2FA), Government grade encryption such as DES, MD5, SHA and RSA, Pluggable authentication,  Email verification, Granular permissioning, LDAP authentication, Session management.

SDxSuite Advantages

Go to market with on-demand, revenue generating solutions

We work efficiently with the great bulk of services and create the top-notch digital products.

Northbound Interface

Northbound interfaces are compatible with both proprietary and open stacks, freeing up users to embrace the new options with a flexible range of APIs.

agnostic & opensource

Our top-down customer experience approach allows our CSP clients to stay flexible and agnostic to innovation in this on-demand and software-driven world.

Scale & Telemetry

Capability to to scale to a network with ten-thousand switches with 16 million flows – and operations and products will benefit in terms of telemetry, latency, and self-healing.


Transformation to customer-centric automation

Bridges the gap between SDN, NFV, & Legacy Equipment to bring automation and on-demand services to data centers to help reduce overall costs and increase customer experience

Path to Zero-Touch Automation

Enabling your enterprise customers with zero-touch enables the real-time experience business users expect - powered by automation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Flexibility & Automation

Fully-agnostic in every sense of the word - from network, hardware, software, and virtualization capabilities - fungible and integration-ready.

Data Center Interconnects

Enables connectivity across multiple network layers to keep up with the demand of exponential data growth, cloud-based applications, and high quality content.

End-to-End Orchestration

Built with your customer touch-points and customer journey in mind to enable omni-channel digital customer experience.

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