A good strategy will get you in the game, but execution is what will put you in the winner’s circle. Connecting IT strategy and corporate strategy is one of the most important challenges IT faces currently.

CloudSmartz leadership team has 20+ years of expierence and will help IT Leaders to achieve new business goals for profitability, to navigate the many technology options available in the marketplace and to identify untapped opportunities across IT. Our senior principal consultants can serve in various capacities depending on the specific needs of the client

Secure PCI Compliance Assessment

No matter where you are in your current projects – from initial planning to just inside the 5-yard line – our team is ready to partner with you. We offer the expertise you need to design, install, and optimize your core applications, allows you to focus time and energy on your strategic objectives.

HIPAA Compliance Assessment

Whether your need is to upgrade your current legacy IT environment or develop new and exciting custom applications, our dedicated team of Project Managers and Software Developers has the skill and expertise to deliver your projects in a timely and cost effective manner which allows you to focus time and energy on your business’ strategic objectives.

Learning Management System

Transiting to the Cloud can be cumbersome.  You can have full visibility & control with the right solution in hand. We can help strategize and execute a strategy to use cloud to have not only cost savings, but revenue and growth.

Marketing & Web Services

With a challenging global economy, business growth is next to impossible. As a result, businesses are forced to focus on cutting their bottom lines by employing aggressive cost-cutting measures, sometimes to the detriment of strategic business transformational efforts. That is where we come in.