Measure twice, cut once.

Technology has a direct effect on your customer experience and your business model. Unfortunately, predicting which IT systems will work for your business is not easy; one-size-fits-all technology solutions don’t exist, and if they did, they probably would not be effective. With no obvious solutions available, you will bear the brunt of the responsibility for deciding what systems you need to implement, the processes you will need to implement those systems, and the people you need to execute those processes. With the correlation between technology and a successful customer experience and business model being so strong, you will have a great opportunity for success and an equally great risk of failure. By partnering with a consultant you can essentially “measure twice” to ensure your IT strategies will effectively move you toward your business goals.

Enterprise Consulting Services

In today’s technology-intensive world, your enterprise’s ability to grow and innovate depends on how effectively you leverage IT resources. We recognize that tomorrow’s leading organizations will leverage technology to capitalize rather than simply adapt to changing technology environments.As the traditional role of IT as a supplier evolves into the role of service broker, these organizations will explore better ways to manage and run the business and government.

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Strategic Business Assessments

A good strategy will get you in the game, but execution is what will put you in the winner’s circle. Connecting IT strategy and corporate strategy is one of the most important challenges IT faces currently.CloudSmartz leadership team has 20+ years of expierence and will help IT Leaders to achieve new business goals for profitability, to navigate the many technology options available in the marketplace and to identify untapped opportunities across IT.

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Why CloudSmartz?

You know your businesses better than anyone. We know IT like the back of our hand. We take a collaborative approach to consulting, so that we can work with you to decide what people, processes, and systems will enable your business to achieve the goal of an improved customer experience and a facilitated business model. We consult with the mindset of an executive trying to drive results: we are able to simultaneously consider the big picture (your company’s overarching vision) and the small details (those tedious processes that can make or break your company). Together, we can discover the IT strategy that will enable your business to thrive.

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You know your businesses better than anyone. We know IT like the back of our hand!

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