The Challenge

For Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the question is no longer ‘if digital transformation must happen’ but how to best achieve it.  As lost revenues from Over-The-Top (OTT) internet providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, & Facebook continue to grow, it is imperative that CSPs develop a digital competitive advantage to more rapidly deliver their products and services to market .  This daunting challenge goes well beyond simply providing the most efficient connectivity: it requires CSPs to make-over their existing BSS/OSS models.  CloudSmartz will provide the necessary guidance for CSPs to powerfully restructure their backend tech and generate new revenue from SDN/NFV, Edge, IoT and 5G.

CloudSmartz understands that the way to meet this challenge and differentiate yourself from competitors is to develop a model that facilitates virtualized services for clients through portal-driven capabilities.  CloudSmartz will deliver exactly this: an AI-driven, self-service portal that supports communication across across digital customer channels, partners, developers as well as internal constituents.

In every challenge lies opportunity.  CloudSmartz is that opportunity to bridge the gap with OTTs so that your company will not only survive but thrive in the digital age.

Market Response

Consumer demand for first-rate CSP services is increasing at an extraordinary rate as Cloud adoption continues to grow, with more and more enterprises moving to cloud-based applications and services.  To survive and ultimately prosper, CSPs are developing fresh revenue streams from a host of digital services: SD-WAN, vCPE, virtual firewalls, load balancers, bandwidth-on-demand, cloud brokering, inter-carrier network exchange, and many more. But Industry analysts warn that most CSPs are making the mistake of prioritizing “what to do” above the more essential question of “how to do it”.

Simply aiming for increased flexibility and efficiency in BSS/OSS protocols will not be enough.  The architectural structure must be redesigned with a vision that extends past tech functionality or IT will be unable to meet the demands of this burgeoning business atmosphere.

A new IT model must emerge that is expansive, elastic, and cost-effective.  One that is rapidly adaptive to new business demands and can effortlessly incorporate the latest innovations.  One that CloudSmartz can deliver to your company before it’s too late.

CloudSmartz Solution

CloudSmartz is on the cutting edge of digital customer experience management, providing digital transformation, virtualized network and software solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) around the world.  CloudSmartz evolved by trying to answer the basic yet complex question: What do CSPs want and need? 

Our Acumen360™ solution is a future-proof product suite that enables an omni-channel digital experience and on-demand service availability through a single-pane-of-glass.  Acumen360 functions as an overlay that preserves existing OSS, BSS, and CRM, while generating new revenue opportunities from digital service investments.  This end-to-end automation solution bridges the gap in the CSP digital transformation journey with a single-source-of-truth.  It allows CSPs to generate new revenue opportunities while minimizing disruptions with current revenue, existing customers, and employee productivity.

We believe that our top-down customer experience approach allows our clients to stay flexible and agnostic to innovation in this on-demand and software-driven world.  Acumen360 is a proprietary product designed specifically to the needs of CSP clients, large and small, and comes with the full service and support that any client may need to maximize its powerful potential.