Bringing the OSS and BSS up to speed with SDN

Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) may be changing, but not every company will know how to make these changes work. A 2014 Open Network Foundation brief looked at the state of the OSS/BSS, and how Software Defined…

The Rise of Bandwidth on Demand - Part 3: Possible Scenarios

We look at the possible paths toward Bandwidth on Demand in the near future.

The rise of Bandwidth on Demand, part 2: Getting past the hurdles

In this second part of our three-part blog series, we look at the "building blocks" of Bandwidth on Demand.

The rise of Bandwidth on Demand, Part 1: Reacting to future speed

Most of the technologies coming to revolutionize networking will be based around meeting new speed concerns.

SDN and the MAREA Project: What you need to know

A new cable project is part of the changing face of telecom.

A global SDN & NFV perspective from the 2016 Beijing conference

SDN and NFV are major forces for infrastructure development around the world.

Southbound vs. Northbound SDN: What are the differences?

Northbound SDN concerns are still vital to the way networks are expanding.

Why simple SDN & NFV still matter

Simplified SDN & NFV options add to the necessary flexibility of modern systems. 

How VR is changing bandwidth needs

VR and other emerging technologies could change the bandwidth needs of organizations.