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Simplifying SDN & NFV for Carrier Customers

Compute infrastructure technology is being revolutionized. Over the last decade, virtualization technology has changed the state of IT landscapes by enabling businesses to significantly reduce their costs, their turnaround times, their performance standards and IT Support quality, while simultaneously increasing overall systems flexibility and performance. Cloud is changing the economic and operational model of IT infrastructure and bringing […]

SDN and NFV Prepare the Communications Industry for the Future

Telcoms.com Intelligence recently published an interesting white paper titled “How SDN and NFV can help prepare operators for 2020”. Being embedded in the SDN/NFV space, I found this white paper very interesting. “Like SDN, NFV (along with a robust and flexible orchestration layer) promises reduced total cost of ownership, faster service delivery and the ability […]

What Type of Mobile App Should You Develop?

So you want to develop a mobile application for your business. You probably have the following questions: What types of apps are there? How is the app built? What are the benefits and downsides? Lastly, you will probably want to know what sort of questions will help you figure out which type of app will […]