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Bringing the OSS and BSS up to speed with SDN

Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) may be changing, but not every company will know how to make these changes work. A 2014 Open Network Foundation brief looked at the state of the OSS/BSS, and how Software Defined Networking could bring these functions into the future. Like many other layers, these will […]


DevOps Enabled by the “Cloud” Drives a Paradigm Shift to IT

The emergence and growing maturity of “Cloud” has necessitated “DevOps”, and vice versa. DevOps is primarily about business agility, but tactically it’s a mind-shift for breaking down the normal tension between Development Teams which are primarily measured on the number of features/functions that they produce and Operations Teams which are primarily measured on the stability […]

Taking the SDN / NFV Revolution Northbound

Every organization seems to have different views for defining SDN and NFV.  So first, I think it’s important to clarify what CloudSmartz means when we use the terms SDN and NFV. Below is how we describe SDN/NFV and the various benefits that they bring to the industry. Software Defined Networks (SDN) is a relatively new networking […]