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Disaster Has Struck: First, Take Care of your Employees

Over the past many years, there has been a trend for all business executives, not just technology leaders, to sponsor and act as stakeholders in improving or re-establishing effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans for their organizations. The first question that’s asked is “how long can we be down?” This is a difficult question […]

Removing the Barriers to Cloud Disaster Recovery

Migration to cloud-based disaster recovery may hold you back – but there are solutions available to simplify the process giving you full control and better experiences.  As an IT leader, you are responsible for delivering IT operational continuity — one main area often overlooked are data backups and corresponding disaster recovery/business continuity planning (DR/BCP). Cloud […]

The Achilles Heel of Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity have been ever increasing critical business topics, especially in the wake of the recent Gulf Coast and NYC hurricanes, forest fires in the Midwest and West Coast, and yes, I live in Buffalo, NY.  Have you ever experienced a Buffalo blizzard that can shut an entire city down for a […]

CIO & Executive Buffalo Leadership Luncheon

On July 30th, CloudSmartz hosted a CIO and Executive Leadership luncheon at The Saturn Club in Buffalo, New York.  Many of the Buffalo regions top Technology, Financial and Business Executives gathered to discuss the crucial business topic of Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery.  Participants from diverse industries such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial and Corporate […]

Are you being held vendor hostage by your IT partner?  

“I had no idea.” This is the comment I often hear – a result of a simple business discussion.  After working in Enterprise software and application service sales for many years, I’ve seen that Technology Executives often don’t realize the financial impact of being held vendor hostage.  Or, how to break free. There may be […]


Transitioning to the Cloud doesn’t require IT trade-offs for Control

The need to support both existing and new infrastructure and applications seamlessly is key to every business. As capital expenditures shrink and operational expenditures expand, you’re looking for solutions that reduce expenses, accelerate revenue, and enhance the customer experience on your terms with complete flexibility and control. OPEX and the Cloud Migrating to the cloud […]

5 Benefits of the Agile Application Development Partner

Today, competitive companies and their Executives cannot be satisfied with simply keeping up with the pack or maintaining status-quo when it comes to effectively utilizing technology to build competitive advantage. Executives understand that the expense invested, time spent, and internal resources required to purchase, implement and rollout the same systems as their competitors merely affords an […]

Differentiating Your Organization’s Culture by Three Key Words

In today’s marketplace, employers are competing for the highest-quality candidates to join their workforce.  In turn, today’s quality job seekers and recent graduates are carefully interviewing employers as much as employers are interviewing them.  This idea that job seekers are interviewing companies in consideration of their employment selection is a dramatic departure from conventional human […]