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We believe in supporting the visions of others – through the artful application of technology. Businesses everywhere have wonderful, innovative ideas that have the potential to positively impact their local and global communities – companies in healthcare, education, government, finance, and more – and as these companies set out to change the world, to make it a better place, we want to remove the barriers that slow their progress. One of the biggest barriers that businesses face – technology – also has the capability to be their biggest asset if that technology is applied in a creative way. We strive to do just that.

CloudSmartz serves businesses of all sizes locally, nationally, and globally within the industries of communications, technology, healthcare, finance, and commercial.


CloudSmartz has years of experience providing excellent telecom and communications services.

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We can provide your telecom organization a realistic means to enhance businesses processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, accelerate time to market for new products and provide customers with first-rate customer service – giving your organization a competitive edge.


CloudSmartz provides excellent support for healthcare organizations and providers around the globe.

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Our smart technology will help provide better healthcare initiatives for patients, compliance with HIPAA Regulations, customized applications and will also reduce costs for your virtualized environment while providing seamless deployment and support.


CloudSmartz understands the priorities and limitations put on financial institutions on a local, national, and global level.

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We recognize that complying with regulatory mandates, conducting compliance audits, managing and tracking security are all issues that dilute many financial institutions’ focus on customer acquisition and retention.


We have supported the innovation within manufacturers, energy, and automotive sectors to accelerate revenue and optimize costs.

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We provide the knowledge and experience that commercial organizations in building and deploying effective mobile and legacy-updated application solutions. Our solutions consultants provide relevant and efficient solutions to meet your real world challenges.


CloudSmartz can help your business respond to the market faster than the competition.

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CloudSmartz can help your company enable streamlined, integrated and efficient business and operational processes across your various IT applications.

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